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Ultraviolet Lights

Ultraviolet lamps have a wide range of applications including science, arts, security, forensic, hunting, sanitation, biological surveys, air purification, analyzing minerals, chemical markers, photography, sterilization, sun tanning, erasing EPROM modules, spectrophotometery, authentication, photolithography, disinfecting drinking water, and many more. See more detail about the uses of blacklight.

The best UV lamps are fluorescent UV lamps. Fluorescent UV lamps are available in 6" long portable pocket size and 18" long mountable UV lights that may be mounted on walls, sealing, cabinets and tables.

Ultra Violet 6" Blacklight

Portable UV lamp is a good source of long wave Ultra Violet radiation combined with some black blue light. It operates with 4 AA batteries. This is the ultimate blacklight for locating scorpions, pet stains, or checking ID's. It is perfect for detecting pet urine stains to eliminate odors. Instantly see urine stains when the naked eye cannot detect them!

Pocket size Ultraviolet Blacklight with flashlight

See the spots you missed and finally eradicate the odor. If you cannot see the spots, you cannot eliminate them. It comes with a switch to select Blacklight, or Flashlight. Product Code: UVCLMN

Small Blacklight, battery operated Portable UV Blacklight is also great for checking ID's at bars, concerts or casinos. Antique and art collectors use them to find fakes, repairs and touch-ups.

Ultraviolet lamps are made for different wavelengths.

Name Abbreviation Wavelength range in nanometers Energy per photon
Ultraviolet A, long wave, or black light UVA 400 nm 320 nm 3.10 3.94 eV
Near NUV 400 nm 300 nm 3.10 4.13 eV
Ultraviolet B or medium wave UVB 320 nm 280 nm 3.94 4.43 eV
Middle MUV 300 nm 200 nm 4.13 6.20 eV
Ultraviolet C, short wave, or germicidal UVC 280 nm 100 nm 4.43 12.4 eV
Far FUV 200 nm 122 nm 6.20 10.2 eV
Vacuum VUV 200 nm 10 nm 6.20 124 eV
Extreme EUV 121 nm 10 nm 10.2 124 eV

We offer UV lamps in fluorescent, incandescent and LED forms.

Fluorescent 18" UV lamp fixture
The overall size of this UV light fixture is 19" x 4" x 1.5".

It has a built in 110 Volt, 15 Watt transformer and accepts 18" long F15T8 fluorescent UV lamps with G13 base.

Blacklight Fixture and 18" Fluorescent UV light
Comes with a 18" fluorescent 365 nm UV lamp.

The fixture has two sets of key holes so that it can be mounted faced down, under a shelf or to a wall. Has a 4 feet long power cord, off-on switch and side mounted starter for easy access.

Used to detect invisible leaks, forgeries, identify counterfeit money, revealing writings and markings with fluorescent invisible inks, mineralogy, analysis of crime scenes, quality control of the products that may deteriorate by exposure to the sunlight.

Basic Incandescent UV lamp (Black light)

An incandescent black light lamp is the most basic and the most inexpensive form of black light or high wavelength UV light. Simply open any existing light bulb and replace it with this black light lamp.

Especially used in Halloween decorations, dance parties, night clubs, and store displays. This type of UV lamps gets very hot, so they must be kept away from flammable materials.

The special black quoting on the inside of the bulb blocks all visible radiations so that only violet blacklight or high wavelength UV light will radiate out of the bulb.

Comes in single packs and packs of 6.


Incandescent Blacklight bulb
Product Code: ELBLABU

(110 V, 60W)


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