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Masses or Weights

Masses or weights are made in different shapes and sizes depending on the final application. Some masses are made for balance scales; some have one or two hooks and some others have slots so that they can be attached to a weight hanger. Click on images to view more details.

Masses with hooks

Masses with hooks are widely used in physics experiments where you need to hang a mass to a string for experiments related to forces, friction, pendulum, motion, acceleration and others. This set of masses with hooks have one visible hook on the top and one hidden/ recessed hook at the bottom.

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Aluminum Weight Hanger and weights

Aluminum weight hangers are made of an aluminum rod and a disk shape weight attached to it. The rod has the same diameter (usually 5-mm) all over the column and the hook. Weights for aluminum weight hanger have a wide slot and can be inserted from any place along the column.

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 Brass Weight Hangers and weights

Brass weight hangers provide a secure stack of weights with no risk of falling when the weight hanger is tilted.

The weights for brass weight hangers have a narrow slot and a center hole.

Specifications of brass weight hangers and weights.

 Brass Weight Hangers with Weights

Slotted weight hangers with weights as a complete set eliminate all confusions and guarantees matching components and best selections.

Masses in weight sets are selected to ensure you can put together every possible weight in a specific range.

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Weights for Balance Scales

Metal weights for balance scales are available individually or in sets.

These weights are often made of brass. They may however be plated with nickel or chromium.

All weights are clearly stamped to show their masses in grams.

Weight Sets in Box

Weights in a set includes one of 1g, 5g, 10g, 50g, 100g, 500g, 1000g and two of 2g, 20g and 200g masses. Total number of masses supplied depends on the range chosen as indicated in the online store. Plated brass weights (masses) with knob in a wooden case with a hinged lid. Calibrated according to tolerances specified by International Organization for Legal Metrology, Class M2. Fractional weights are not included. Note: we can substitute two 10g masses with one 20g mass and two 50g masses with one 100g mass according to your requirement. We can quote and accept orders for other combinations of masses when you need large quantities. Masses are also available individually.

Plastic Weights for Younger Students

Every one can use plastic weights with a balance scale, however, plastic weights are often used by younger students and for education purpose.

Click here or the image for more details on plastic weights as well as plastic balance scales.


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