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Electrical Switches

Electrical switches for educational projects are available in many different styles. The "knife switch" is the simplest form of switch that easily demonstrates the functioning of a switch. Old sci-fi movies ("Frankenstein (1931)" or "Young Frankenstein (1974)" , for example), made extensive use of these switches in the laboratory scenes.

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Vintage Knife Switches

Vintage knife switches have a small base usually made of Bakelite or hard plastic with the brass "pole(s)" and slots "throw(s)" mounted on the base using screws. Wire connection is usually made by wrapping the bare end of the wire to a screw and tightening it with a flat or Phillips screw driver.

Vintage SPST knife switch, Click to see more

Vintage knife switches are generally used by hobbyists and higher grade students who can use tools such as screw drivers. These switches are usually rated for up to 18 volts and up to 15 Watts.

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Student Grade Knife Switches

Low cost student grade knife switches have larger base usually made of hard plastic and have contact screws with plastic knob. You will not need a screw driver to make connections to these switches. Designed for desktop quick experiments, not permanent installations.

Rated 18 Volts, 18 Watts

In case you need to mount them on a wood or cardboard surface, you may use hot melt glue or other compatible glues to do that.

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Deluxe Knife Switches

Best educational knife switches are built to last from project to project and from year to year. Materials are sturdy and usually do not need any inspection or alignment before use.  The larger base is usually made of hard plastic and have contact screws with plastic knob.

Delux SPST Knife Switches, Click to see more.
Rated 18 Volts, 25 Watts

You will not need a screw driver to make connections to these switches. Metal plates used to make the lever and slots are thick and do not easily bend under pressure.

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Simple contact plate

One contact plate and two screws usually mount on a wooden board to act as a permanent (Off - On) or temporary (push button) switch. This simple and inexpensive method is used in many science kits. Minimum order 2000. Price $150/1000. Please call for availability.

Contact plate, Switch plate

Lear how to design switch circuits!


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