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Banana Jack

A female banana connector (banana jack) is a single-wire (one conductor) electrical connector used for joining wires to equipment.

The banana jack that is usually mounted on equipment is a 4mm socket for banana plugs about 25 mm (one inch) long and 4 mm in diameter. An electric contact is made when the banana plug is inserted into the front hole of a banana jack. The back end of a banana jack has a contact plate for connection to the internal wiring of a device. The banana jacks usually have an insulating color-coded plastic cover.

Long Banana Jack

Long Banana Jack is a panel-mount socket for 4mm banana plugs with up to 20 mm (1 inch) long pin. Can be mounted on metal surfaces with up to 2 mm, and plastic or wood surfaces with up to 5 mm thickness. It mounts on a 8mm hole. The overall length is 25 mm. (Price and Availability)

Banana Jack, panel-mount, long, solderless

The socket hole in long banana plugs is closed at the bottom end. There is also a smaller hole on the back end. Internal wiring may be achieved in two different ways. You may insert the internal wire into the back hole and crimp it using a crimp tool or locking pliers. Alternatively you may place the wire between the two internal nuts and tighten the connection by turning the nuts so that the wire will be clamped between the two nuts.

Short Banana Jack

Short banana jack is a panel-mount socket for 4mm banana plugs with any length. Can be mounted on metal surfaces with up to 1 mm, and plastic or wood surfaces with up to 4 mm thickness. It mounts on a 8mm hole. The overall length is 13 mm. The face outer diameter is 11 mm.

Banana jack, panel mount, short, solder type

The socket hole in short banana plugs is open ended, that is why it can receive any length banana jack. Internal connection is made by soldering to a tin plated pierced lug terminal. (Price and Availability)

Available in red and black colors. Only sold in pairs or equal quantities of black and red. Click on the pictures to see the price and availability.

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