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Looking to buy pH papers? We supply you with high quality pH papers for industrial, educational and laboratory applications. Wholesale discounts and quantity discounts are available for products we manufacture or we are direct importer. Our pH indicator paper products include: PH Book Series, pH strips, pH sticks and pH indicator rolls. All Prices and Availability

PH Book Series: (All purpose pH indicator)  
pH Book is recommended for educational and industrial users. Each book contains 80 pH indicator strips that can easily be detached via the perforated line. 

pH books are available in different pH ranges and different precisions. View Prices and Availability

PHBOOK114 is the most widely used Universal PH indicator paper. It is used to determine the PH range (1-14). pH color chart is in the inside of the book cover.

MiniScience PH Paper: PHPAPER114

Save more when you buy this promotional version of the universal pH paper book. Each book has 80 strips, for pH 1-14.

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pH paper
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pH Indicator Sticks

pH indicator sticks are recommended for laboratory uses where higher quality indicators are expected. The clear plastic container includes 100 pH indicator sticks. The color chart is inside the container, spread in both sides.

The sticks are made of hard plastic and indicator papers are pasted over the sticks in 2 to 4 rows.

pH indicator sticks are available in standard wide range 0-14 and many specialty narrow ranges.

The clear plastic container in PHSTICK114 protects the pH indicator sticks from the acidic or alkaline fumes that may exist in the lab.

 pH indicator strips are about 5mm wide and 80mm long. Length and stability of the plastic strips protect fingers from contact with the 
test solution.
See all paper indicator sticks.

pH indicator Rolls: (pH 1-11)
pH indicator rolls are recommended for laboratory uses where higher quality indicators are expected. The clear plastic dispenser protects the indicator paper from environmental fumes that may change the color of paper. The color chart is inside the dispenser.  Each roll contains 500cms of 7mm wide pH indicator paper.

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pH paper roll
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