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 Metal Pulleys

Metal pulleys are available in both educational models for higher durability and industrial models for higher loads.

Industrial metal pulleys are used to lift heavy objects. Some use it to lift the bicycles, cages or even chandeliers to the sealing.

Industrial pulleys are available as single pulley blocks and double parallel pulley blocks.

Two single pulley blocks used to lift an object reduce the lifting force to about half the actual weight.

Two double parallel pulley blocks used to lift an object reduce the lifting force to about one fourth of the actual weight.

How to install the pulleys?

The upper pulley block will be hanged to a strong hook that is already secured on the sealing.

The lower pulley block will be attached to the object you are lifting using hooks, chains or steel cables.

One end of the rope or string must be secured on the sealing by another hook or the same hook that holds the upper pulley. The rope then comes down to the lower pulley, moves up to the upper pulley. Repeat this until all pulleys have rope. Now you can pull down the open end of the rope and lift the object. 

Metal Pulley, Single 25mm wheel

Metal pulley, single wheel 1 inch (25mm diameter, casted from zinc alloy and plated by nickel. Used for science experiments in physics and mechanics. Accepts ropes of 2mm up to 6mm in diameter. Product Code: MP1

Single pulley, metal

Use one pair of single pulleys to reduce the lifting force by 50%

Metal Pulley, Double parallel

Metal pulley, double parallel wheels with 1 inch (25mm diameter each, casted from zinc alloy and plated with nickel. Used for science experiments in physics and mechanics, as well as industrial applications. Accepts ropes of 2mm up to 6mm in diameter. Product Code: MP11

Double parallel pulley block, metal

Use one pair of double parallel pulleys to reduce the lifting force by 75%.

Educational Metal Pulleys

Metal pulleys are very efficient, high quality and very durable while carrying a higher cost.  These pulleys with deep V-grooves are balanced for free movement have a 50 mm diameter.  They are made of Aluminum and mounted on an aluminum frame with steel hooks at both ends.  Pulleys are often used as parts of compound machines.  They function as helper machines, easing the lifting power.  In fact, a pulley system can cut the force necessary to lift a very heavy object in two, four, etc., depending on the designed system.  With these pulleys you can study and measure the force and distance trade off with compound machines.  These pulleys are good for science experiments as well as functional tasks. 


Our educational pulley systems and individual metal pulleys are specially produced for teaching about pulleys in physics and mechanics education. They are not recommended for industrial applications.

Pulley Lines or Pulley Strings

You will need high quality strings or ropes for your pulleys. The MP1 and MP11 pulleys require 5-mm rope while the educational pulley requires a 2-mm string. Please see the available pulley lines and make sure you order the right size for your pulleys.

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