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Table Clamp Pulley or Bench Pulley

Table clamp pulleys also known as "Bench pulleys" are mountable on the edge of a table to change the direction of the force applied on an object on the table. In this way you can use weight hangers an weights with known masses to apply the force.

Bench pulleys may be mounted on standard force tables, many simple design tables and inclined plain for experiments related to the force and friction.

This vertical table clamp pulley consists of a 5-cm plastic pulley mounted on a plastic table clamp with an adjustable hinge. It can be used on lab tables or inclined boards for experiments involving the resolution of forces, friction, motion, etc. It can clamp onto surfaces up to 2 cm thick.

This table mount pulley is built for versatility and usability in variety of science research and educational activities. Made of hard plastic with adjustable design.

When mounted on the edge of a table, it holds the string at any height you choose from 1 up 55 millimeters above the surface. the grove on the sheave is about 2 mm wide, so any string up to 2-mm in thickness may be used with this pulley.

  • Sheave diameter: 50 mm
  • Wight: 28 grams
  • Clamp height: 42 mm
  • Clamp opening: 20 mm
  • Clamp width: 43 mm
  • Required string thickness: 1 to 2 millimeters
  • Pulley adjustability: 180 degrees in two positions

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Additional Images:

The clamp has two positions for mounting the pulley. When you receive your bench pulley, the pulley is mounted on the upper position and that is what you usually need.

To change the angle of the pulley, loosen the screw on the side and reposition the pulley and then tighten the screw again. The adjusting screw has a ribbed knob for the ease of operation.

Adjusting the position of the pulley is often important when you want to make the line parallel to the surface of the table.

If you need to reposition the pulley to the lower mount, you will need to fully remove the screw and the nut on the opposite side and insert them in the lower holes after lowering the pulley.

Both images show the pulley clamp mounted on a plain table. There will be no difference when you mount them on a round force table.

Plastic pulley clamps are very inexpensive; however, they are not the best choice if you need them for long term use.

Plastic table clamp pulley adjusted to upright position
Plastic table clamp pulley adjusted to horizontal position
For long term use, please consider a bench pulley that is completely made of metal parts.
Pulley Lines or Pulley Strings

You will need high quality strings or ropes for your pulleys. This pulley requires a 2-mm string. Please see the available pulley lines and make sure you order the right size for your pulleys.

Educational Pulleys Notice:

All our pulley products are designed for educational purpose and are used for physics and mechanics experiments. We do not recommend use of these pulleys for long term heavy duty applications. Our educational pulleys are available for wholesale and retail.

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