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Digital Ring Counter (Finger Counter)

Digital Ring Counter, Model FCTR

The world's smallest commercially available electronic tally counting device with fixed finger strap. Easily secures in your middle finger and hides in the palm of your hand while counting. The soft, clear and adjustable ring band in this counter is used to hold the counter securely in the palm of your hand even when your hands are open.

Large and high contrast display makes it easy to read. The reset button is small and hard in order to avoid accidental reset. Count button is large and easy to operate. The small LED button is used to temporarily lit the display for reading in the dark. Color is black combined with bright industrial yellow so that you can quickly find your counter when it is misplaced. This counter does not have an Off-On switch, instead the screen shuts down automatically after a period of inactivity. Counter memorizes the last count while in off/ energy saving mode. Counts from 0 up to 99,999.

Each counter has a clear plastic clam box and it features a large readable display with temporary light for use in the dark.
      Product Code: FCTR

Small ring-type digital talley counter

Made of high-impact plastic casing for durability, lightweight, and easy-to-read LCD display. Recommended for fast count operation (1 to 120 per minute).

FCTR is a tally counter suitable for business, pleasure and many sports.
Counts up to 99, 999 laps, runs, goals, strokes, hits, people, goods delivered etc etc

Product Specifications:

5-digit counting with firm reset button, large count button, temporary LED light, and finger ring to prevent accidental drop. 

Maximum Counting Rate 2/sec

Hand tally counter 0~99999

Applications of FCTR Ring Counters:

1. The counting of the passengers of the boats, trains, planes.
2. The counting of the visitors during an exhibition, a fair, a festival or other events.
3. The counting of the number of balls in a match.
4. The counting of actions while exercising, jogging or, the laps you have completed.
5. The counting of your stock in the warehouse or while cartons/boxes are being loaded into or remover from the trucks.
6. Studies relating to circulation and pedestrian.
7. Counting during pray.

Unit size: 27mm x.7x1cm
Weight: 11 g
Product code: FCTR [individually boxed]

Recommended uses:

  • People Counter
  • Traffic Tally
  • Cargo Tally
  • Livestock counter
  • Inventory counter
  • Other numerous counter jobs      

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Other uses of FCTR counters:

For use in cricket, triathlon, baseball, basketball, walking, cycling, parachuting, rifle shooting, bird & bat watching, also training for almost any sport - football, hockey, softball, golf, skater etc
In business as a crowd counter, storekeeper, stock control, libraries etc etc, whether you are a referee, umpire, scorer, coach or other official or simply trying to count your own performance, Can also be used for counting trees, plants, fishing, even karaoke and other singing contests - the list seems endless judging from the number of people buying them!

Ergonomic design, One hand operation Long-life battery Easy to read
Easy to use Perfect for self lap counting, Rugged case, Bold display,
Large function button, Light weight.

1 x Ring Counter (SXH5136)

Digital ring counters are available in wholesale and retail quantities and prices.  

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