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Meter Counter, Metric Rolling Length Counter

Textile length measuring wheels

MSZ94FW is a 5-digit measuring wheel to measure lengths and distances in Meters up to 99,999 meters. It may be used in single wheel or double wheel mode depending on the application. May be installed in machinery to measure the length of wires, strings, threads, ropes, fabric and foils of metal or plastic. Metric Length measuring wheels, meter counter

MSZ94FW has large digits for better visibility and is rated for speeds up to 360 rpm (or 100 meters per minute). Reset knob/lever is on the left.

MSZ94FW may be installed in production or packaging machines to measure the length of fabric, paper, wire, foils, ropes, strings, ribbons and similar products. This meter counter comes with two identical wheels; however, one is sufficient in many installations. Wheels are precisely designed and manufactured so that three revolutions will equal to one meter. The wheels have a high friction rubber to prevent slip and ensure accurate measurement.

Specifications of Meter Counter MSZ94FW:

Number of digits (Meters): 5                        
Mounting base length = 130 mm 
Base width = 64 mm 
Height = 60 mm 
Overall length = 141 mm 
Weight: 600 grams (about)
reinforced base with screw holes
Diameter of the wheels: 106.2mm
Operating temperature: -20°C - 60°C

How to install a length measuring system?

The length measuring wheels must sit on the moving materials so that the wheel or wheels are aligned with the direction of movement.

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Mount a bar that extends to the sides or middle of the moving roll of fabric and stands about 4 inches above the material. Get a large hinge. Install the counter on one side of the hinge and secure the other side to bar.

It is best if you use screws for all connections. In some cases however you may use rivets if you are sure that the installation is permanent. If you cannot find the right size hinge, use a smaller hinge and extend it as needed using aluminum sheet metal or pieces of wood.

Another option is connecting the measuring device to the bar using piece of sheet metal (no hinge); instead you must install the hinge in the beginning of the bar.

A typical installation of the length measuring unit

Installing the hinge in the beginning of the bar allows you to lift the bar and keep it away from the moving fabric when the measurements are not needed.

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