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 Cow Magnets, Rod magnets

What are Cow Magnets?

Cow magnets are rod magnets with rounded ends. They are usually about 3" (75mm) long and 1/2" (12mm) diameter. These are popular with dairy farmers and veterinarians to help prevent Hardware Disease in their cattle. While grazing, cows eat everything from grass and dirt to nails, staples and bits of bailing wire (referred to as tramp iron). Tramp iron tends to lodge in the honeycombed walls of the reticulum, threatening the surrounding vital organs and causing irritation and inflammation, known as Hardware Disease. The cow loses her appetite and decreases her milk output (dairy cows), or her ability to gain weight (feeder stock). Cow magnets help prevent this disease by attracting stray metal from the folds and crevices of the rumen and reticulum. One magnet works for the life of the cow!

Other Uses of Cow Magnet

Cow magnets are also one of the most favorite shapes of magnet for science experiments. Students use the cow magnet to make electric generators, observe magnetic lines and perform other magnet related experiments.  

Any cow magnet may be used for cows; however, not all cow magnets are suitable for science experiments and industrial applications. This cow magnet is a grade 5 (very strong) AlNiCo magnet that can also have many other uses.

ALNICO Cow Magnets:

Alnico magnets are made primarily from Aluminum, Nickel and Cobalt. They may also contain copper, iron and sometimes titanium. We only offer magnetically strong ALNICO cow magnets.


D x L 

Part No.

For cattle, Industrial applications and Science experiments.

1/2" x 3"


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For All Uses (Science Experiments, Cows and Industrial Applications)

COWMAG is our highest quality ALNICO5 cow magnet made by casting method from molten alloy. It has a smooth surface and the ends are rounded by grinding. COWMAG is the strongest ALNICO magnet with 24% cobalt.

COWMAG provides both physical strength and magnetic strength. 

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COWMAG may be used for cows, science experiments and industrial uses as long as it is protected against excessive force.

COWMAG magnets are 3" long and 1/2" in diameter. (D12.63 x L76.2mm) 

No more sintered ALNICO magnets!

Sintered ALNICO magnets have similar magnetic strength as casted ALNICO magnets; however, they lack physical strength because they are made of compressed metal powder. Sintered magnets brake if fallen on a hard surface. We no longer carry sintered ALNICO magnets.

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MiniScience is a wholesale distributor of cow magnets; however, small orders are also accepted online. For order quantities of more than 1000 please call MiniScience directly. All other orders must be placed online.

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