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Digital Thermometers

Digital thermometers use a Thermistor or a Thermocouple to measure the temperature.

Digital Thermometer DTC120

DTC120 is a digital thermometer with external sensor for accurate measurement of temperature inside devices (such as refrigerator, computer, ...) or outside the room. The sensor is connected to the display unit via a 3-feet (90 cm) long cable.

 It can be mounted/ inserted in different ways. Has large, easy-to-read display.

You may mount DTC120 inside the automobile so that it can read the outside temperature. Mount it in your bedroom near the window or on the window frame so that you can read outside temperature. Many people call this a refrigerator thermometer because they mount it on the refrigerator so that it can read the temperature inside.

Digital thermometer with proble and large display

Unit of measurement: Celsius.

Temperature Range: -10 to +120 Celsius (equal to 14 ~ 248 Fahrenheit)

Product Dimension:48 x 29 x 13 mm

Power-supply: 1 x 1.5V (AG13) coin battery.

DTC120 digital thermometer price and availability

Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer HC520

This multi-function device can measure the humidity, as well as inside and outside temperature. It can be placed on a desk or hung on the wall.

Think of it as your personal weather station or a convenient weather reporting device. One temperature sensor and one humidity sensor are inside the device. An external temperature sensor is connected via a 4-feet long wire. In order to read both the inside and the outside temperature, place or hang your thermometer near a window so that the external sensor can reach outside. In this way the internal temperature sensor measures the temperature at its current location and the external sensor measures the outside temperature.

Digital IN-Outdoor Thermometer and Hygrometer (HC520)

1. General Description:

HC-520 IN/OUT Temperature & Humindity Meter is characterized at:
* multi-function
* low power consumption
* high stability & accuracy
* memory of last measuring value

2. Features:
* IN and OUT temperature measuring
* display temperature and humidity simultaneously
* MIN and MAX value recording
* Comfortable degree symbol
* C/ F unit selectable
* Desk-top placing or Wall Hanging
* frost alarm function between -1 ~ +4 C

3. Specification:
* Temperature range:
IN side temperature: -10~+50 C (+14~+122F)
OUT side temperature: -50~+70 C ( -58 ~+158F)

* humidity range: 20%~99%RH
* resolution: Temperature: 0.1C (0.1F)
Humidity: 1% RH
* accuracy: Temperature: +/-0.1C (-20~60C), +/- 2C(other ranges)
Humidity: +/- 5%RH (20%~99%, at 25C)
* power supply: 1.5V (AAA size) x 2

* product dimension: 78 x 98 x 17 mm
* weight: Approx. 95g
* packing: Blister card

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Digital Thermometer Technology

There are two electronic components that can be used as a sensor in making digital thermometers. One is a thermistor (Thermal Resistor) and the other is thermocouple.

Digital Thermometers using a Thermistor

The most popular style of digital thermometer features a thermistor, a thermally sensitive object about the size of a head of a pin that is located in the thermometer's tip. It exhibits a change in electrical resistance with a change in its temperature. The resistance is measured by passing a small, measured direct current (dc) through it and measuring the voltage drop produced.

Digital thermometers using a thermistor usually provide an accurate and stable response in 6-8 seconds.

Digital Thermometers using a Thermocouple

Thermocouple technology makes these digital thermometers the fastest on the market, showing temperature readings in about 2 - 5 seconds, with high accuracy and a high temperature range. Because of this, thermocouple digital thermometers are by far the mostly widely used for industrial and foodservice purposes.

Thermocouple digital thermometers are designed to check for final cooking temperatures. Because of their speed, they can be used to quickly check temperature in a number of places, which is especially helpful with large food items such as turkeys or roasts. Their thin probe also facilitates use with thin foods such as hamburgers and pork chops.

The thermocouple is a device that generates electricity when heat is applied to its tip. It consists of two different types of metal wires that are both electrical conductors, joined together at one end and connected to a voltage-measuring device at the other end. When the junction of the two metals is heated or cooled, a voltage is created that can be correlated to temperature.

Thermocouples are available in different combinations of metals or calibrations. The most common calibrations are J, K, T, and E, each of which measures a different temperature range. The maximum temperature changes with the diameter of the wire used.


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