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Microscope Slide Box

Microscope slide boxes are used for safe storage and transportation of prepared microscope slides.

MiniScience introduces new slide storage boxes in 25 slide, 50 slide, and 100 slide capacity in six different colors! These Heavy duty economical slide storage boxes are made of an engineering plastic for long lasting wear. They all feature a user-friendly hinge with an easy-to-use latch. Slide identification is made simple with a printed ID in the lid and printed protective ID foam on the floor. Slide Storage Boxes

They are stackable for economy of space. Available in blue, cream, green, red, yellow, and white. Product Code: SBOX

The smallest slide storage box is designed to store 25 standard sized slides. Made of strong durable plastic with soft foam lining. This superior design can prevent slide breakage and block dust from contaminating microscope slides. Slide holder slots have a smooth curve to ease the placement and removal of slides. The lids in the 25-slide storage boxes are removable.

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White Slide Storage Boxes

The largest slide storage box is designed to store 100 standard sized slides. Made of strong durable plastic with soft foam lining. This superior design can prevent slide breakage and block dust from contaminating microscope slides. In addition to the numbers printed on the foam lining and on the index card inside of the lid, the numbers also appear with raised letters on the plastic at the bottom of each microscope slide box.

The lid in the 100-slide box is not removable, but it opens to 180 degree for easy writing on the lid.

Key Features:

Holds 100 Standard 1" x 3" Microscope Slides

No Metal or Wooden Parts. Won't Rust, Rot, Mold, or Fade

Pre-printed, Sequentially Numbered, Slide Index card

Hinged top design.

High quality 100-Slide storage box

Slide inventory sheet or index card is pasted inside the lid, but it is also possible to remove that if needed.

All three sizes of the microscope slide boxes are available for wholesale and retail. White/ Beige boxes are usually available for immediate shipping. All other color boxes ship in 2 weeks. All orders including wholesale orders and quantity discounted orders may be placed online.

We only supply high quality EVERGREEN brand microscope slide boxes in different colors.

Beige color microscope slide storage boxes
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