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Slotted Masses and Weight Hangers

Slotted masses are used in student lab classes, to teach physics and other sciences.

The slotted masses and weight hanger combination allows a student to quickly create any desired amount of mass, to use in experiments involving force, acceleration, and mass. There are also many other experiments in other fields where a variable hanging mass comes in handy.

All masses and the hanger may be ordered separately.

Brass Weight Hangers

This brass weight hanger has a top hook and a precise weight of 50g that makes this hanger ideal for use with slotted weights. The stacking section of this brass weight hanger is 10 cm (4"). The diameter of the column is 6mm (1/4") in stacking section and it is 3mm (1/8") in hook section.

Product Code: WH50

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Weight Hanger, Brass

Slotted Masses for Brass Weight Hangers

The slotted weights for brass weight hangers have a 3.5 mm wide slot and a center hole with 6.5mm in diameter. The weights will enter from the top and slide down to be stacked on each other. This process can be reversed and the weights can be removed from the top one at a time. Slotted Masses for brass weight hangers

Standard masses are  200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, and 1 gram.

Product Code: 3412

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Aluminum Weight Hangers

Aluminum weight hangers require special slotted weights (see below). It weighs 50 g and the stem length is 16 cm. The diameter of the stem is 5mm. Aluminum weight hangers are inserting type weight hangers and the weights can be entered from the hanger side. The diameter of the rod is 4.85mm.

All masses and the hanger may be ordered separately.

Product Code: WH50A

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Aluminum Weight Hanger

Slotted Weights for Aluminum Weight Hangers

Slotted weights for aluminum weight hangers are round disks made of brass or aluminum and have a 5 mm slot from the side to the center. Standard masses are  500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, and 1 gram.

Product Code: P52612

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Slotted Weights for Aluminum Weight Hanger

Slotted Mass Set

This set contains a total of 12 weights nine 20-gram, one 10-gram, and two 5-gram and a 50-gram weight hanger approximately 3-1/2" high.

Product Code: G2500-12

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