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Athlete's foot and toenail fungus remedies to remove or reduce symptoms

Athlete's Foot (tinea pedis) is a common fungal infection of the skin of your feet. Athlete's foot remedies work to inhibit this fungus reducing symptoms like itching or burning of the foot.

A very common treatment for athlete's foot is the use of potassium permanganate foot soak solution. This method has proven effective for many years.

  • What is the cause of Athlete's Foot or Tinea Pedis?
  • What are the symptoms of Athlete's Foot?
  • How to use Potassium Permanganate foot soak solution?
  • How to prevent future infections?
  • How to prepare the potassium permanganate foot soak?


What is the cause of Athlete's Foot or Tinea Pedis?

If you use a pool or public recreational facility this is most likely where you picked up the fungus. Spas, swimming pools, gyms, locker rooms and showers are all popular places for the fungus to linger. It's a warm wet environment that makes it easy for the fungus to be passed from foot to foot.

What are the symptoms of athlete's foot?

Some symptoms that people commonly face are:

  • Itching or burning, usually between the toes
  • Redness, scaly skin sometimes associated with burning, making your feet feel like they're on fire.
  • Cracks or small blisters on affected areas.

How to use Potassium Permanganate foot soak solution?

Prepare a 0.04% solution of Potassium Permanganate in water and soak your feet in that for about 15 minutes every morning and every afternoon for 2 to 3 weeks. Your feet will turn brown for several weeks, but when all is cleared up, the fungus should be gone.

How to prevent future infections?

As well as the above remedies, remember to practice good hygiene and follow these recommendations.

  • Wash feet with an anti-bacterial soap
  • Dry feet well after showering or bathing, taking extra care to dry between toes.
  • Wear cotton socks and change them often, especially after exercising or perspiring. Don't forget to let sweaty shoes dry out before wearing again.
  • Wear rubber sandals when using public showers or pools. Make sure they're the non-slip kind.
  • Keep a separate bowl for your footbath and a separate towel, to prevent spread to your loved ones.  (Remember fungal infections may appear to have gone but are still there, so don't stop treatment too soon) If you have sweaty feet you can also follow this regime as it has a drying effect.



Potassium permanganate is a highly caustic chemical, a strong oxidizer, and can be very harmful to tissues. It is also a poison. Its use for self medication is safe only in liquid form with solutions containing not to exceed 0.04 percent of potassium permanganate. Weak dilutions are safe for use in topical and external applications to the skin only.

It is commonly used as a disinfectant because of its excellent bactericidal and fungicide properties. It is also used as an algaecide and molluscicide. Its toxicity in its pure chemical form is rated as highly toxic by the acute rating from the US EPA product label. It is not listed as a carcinogen, as a human reproductive and developmental toxin, or as a chemical which can cause endocrine disorders in any watch list by a major health organization.

Potassium permanganate is commonly used as a treatment for skin conditions such as eczema, canker sores, dermatitis, acne, vaginal thrush, vulvovaginitis, and urine infections. Preparing a potassium permanganate bath is a popular remedy for dermatological conditions. It is also used as a wet soak for open sores and blistering wounds. For hair dye allergies, compresses of 1/5,000 potassium permanganate solution can be applied to the affected area.

Again, the need for accurate solution preparation is very important. Potassium permanganate baths must be around the 1/10,000 ratio which results to pleasant pink colored bath. For wet soaks, your solution must be 1/1,000. For severe cases of athlete's foot, prepare a 1% potassium permanganate hot foot soak solution since it is also an effective fungicide and may just be the treatment you are looking for!

On slightly different note, potassium permanganate is known to leave unsightly and annoying stains on your towels, flannels and even the bath tub not to mention your nails and skin. These can easily come off using an efficient household cleaner. As for the nails, just wash thoroughly with water and mild soap and you're good to go.

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