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Blood Cell Counters
with color keys

Differential cell counters are designed for blood cell counting. Standard benefits and features of blood cell counters include:

  • Help in automatic calculation including percentages
  • Totaling unit rings a bell at 100 increments
  • Dual reset knobs
  • Last unit is the totaling unit, which records total number of strokes made on other keys
  • Removable tabs on top of counter provide area for identification of classification being counted
  • Acid resistant, non slip bottom

Manual blood cell counters are mechanical devices with rigid structure and durable components. They do however require care and protection. Any type of fall can damage a blood cell counter so that they may require repair and recalibration. Transportation of blood cell counters require proper packaging and careful handling.

Manual differential counters are made of metal base and ABS outer shell that can resist collision. BCC blood cell counters are equipped with a totalizer that shows the sum of all cells. BCC blood cell counters are used in hematology to classify and count white blood cells.

Mechanical blood cell counter, 8 cell

At one hundred increment of total record, the internal bell will sound. The reset knobs on both sides can clear all the numbers to zero. Figure range for each window (including the totalizer) is from 0 ~ 999.
Available in 5 key and 8 key models.

BCC5 is a heavy duty, differential five cell counter. It records up to 999 for each cell. It also has a 3 digit totalizer that show the sum of all five counters up to 999. BCC5 has red reset knobs and red-white keys.

Dimensions: (mm)
 L245 x W78 x H53
Gross Weight: 636g

differential cell counter, 5 cell
What is the price of this blood cell counter?
BCC8 is a heavy duty, differential eight cell counter. It records up to 999 for each cell. It also has a totalizer that show the sum of all eight counters. BCC8 has red reset knobs and red-white keys.

Dimensions: (mm)
 L300 x W78 x H53
Gross Weight: 832g

differential cell counter, 8 cell
What is the price of this blood cell counter?

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