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Anatomy Models

Model Eye

3 X the actual human eye, this craft model of the human eye comes on a stand but can be removed for a closer observation and dissection.  This model is dissectible in 6 numbered parts that come along with a keyed description.  This detailed model is perfect for anatomical studies at home or the optometry office.

Eye Model
Model Heart

This model of the heart is a great learning resource for students as well as professionals.  You may have seen a model similar to this in your doctors office and now is your chance to have one at home.  The heart is the most amazing part of our bodies and its the organ that provides us with life by pumping blood throughout our bodies.  This model is 1X dissectible and comes with a stand for display purposes.  It is made of indestructible polymer making it durable for prolonged periods of use.  It is hand painted, has numbered parts and keyed description. 

Heart Model
Model Kidney

This 1X dissectible model of the human kidney on a stand is made of indestructible polymer, comes hand painted and has numbered parts with a keyed description.  This model will make a great teaching tool at home or school.

Physicians can use this model to educate patients about kidney disease, treatments and surgical procedures.

Kidney Model
Model Brain

1 X the actual human brain, this model of the brain comes on a stand.  It is vertically dissected into two parts.  This model is hand painted and has numbered parts along with keyed description.  This model will make a great teaching tool at home or school. 

Brain Model
Model Ear

5 X the actual human ear, this model of the human ear comes on a stand.  It is made from indestructible polymer, comes hand painted with numbered parts and a keyed description.  

Ear Model
Model Skeleton

Desktop skeleton model is perfect for a small doctor's office, classroom, med students, or study purposes. The mini replica is anatomically balanced and designed for long lasting display and educational presentations. This is a very inexpensive solution for quick visual patient education or personal study.

  • Articulated limbs, spring held movable jaw, removable top of skull...
  • Mounting rod and plastic base stand for easy display.
  • Easily detached and positioned for quick demonstrations.
  • Anatomically detailed bone structure.
  • Ready to use in just seconds - no detailed assembly required
Skeleton Model
Torso Models

MiniScience offers a large variety of educational torso models in different size and genders.

large torso models are 18" tall and small torso models are 10" tall. All torso models dissect to about 14 parts.

More about Torso Models

Model of human torso
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Anatomy Models

Skull Model
Heart Model
Model Heart
Eye Model
Model Eye
Ear Model
Model Ear
Brain Model
Model Brain
Kidney Model
Model Kidney
Torso Models
Model Torso

Model Skeleton

Model of Human Liver


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